CONTRACIDADE (2007-2009)

live act, audio, video, circuit bending

The name comes from the contraction of the portuguese expression for 'in the opposite direction of velocity', which also is a jeu-de-mots for 'against the city'. This conception regards the reffusal of the pre-defined parameters with which the digital devices nowadays function straight from the factory. This 'out-of-the-box' molds the experience of the user to exclude the error as a part of the experience. The possibilities that the long (de)constructed manual process provide are the focus of Contracidade's research, in which the sonic investigation interacts with the visual construction of the live process through reapropriation and destruction of the 'out of the box' devices.

The statics, usually undesirable in both sonic and visual field, is a composition element of the piece that is sometimes rythmic, sometimes chaotic. The investigation starts as a dialogue between obsolete, analogic and digital devices, acoustic instruments and sound objects. Out of an everyday life of passengers and passages that makes life run faster and faster, the video-manifesto synthesizes the elements that compounds the Contracidade's universe. Static cameras investigate the small movements that control the sets of prepared-sound devices, the monotone rythm of the broken records invokes ritual drums, metals as wires ressonate in contact-microphones and electric-insects beep against human skin. Each gadget digesting slowly the rituals reveled in each improvisation of the performance.

Vanessa De Michelis
Manuel Andrade
Marcelo Dante

Here are some pictures of the broken records and shell-needle preparation